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Discrete Choice Analysis
Discrete Choice Analysis by Ben-Akiva, Lerman 9780262260411
The Art of Prolog, 2e
The Art of Prolog, 2e by Sterling, Shapiro 9780262359771
The Little Schemer, Fourth Edition
The Little Schemer, Fourth Edition by Friedman, Felleisen 9780262303873
The Seasoned Schemer
The Seasoned Schemer by Friedman, Felleisen, Bibby, Steele 9780262294195
Elements of Artificial Neural Networks
Elements of Artificial Neural Networks by Mehrotra, Mohan, Ranka 9780262359740
Sources of Power
Sources of Power by Klein 9780262260862
An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets
An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets by Pedrycz, Gomide 9780262359733
Strategies and Games
Strategies and Games by Dutta 9780262272063
Vision Science
Vision Science by Stephen 9780262304016
Social Cognition
Social Cognition by Kunda 9780262611435
Out of the Crisis
Out of the Crisis by Deming 9780262297189
The Csound Book
The Csound Book by Boulanger 9780262325059
Introduction to AI Robotics
Introduction to AI Robotics by Murphy 9780262332804
Logic Primer, 2e
Logic Primer, 2e by Allen, Hand 9780262287487
Learning and Soft Computing
Learning and Soft Computing by Kecman 9780262311151
Principles of Data Mining
Principles of Data Mining by Hand, Mannila, Smyth 9780262304085
The Invisible Heart
The Invisible Heart by Roberts 9780262250399