An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets

Analysis and Design

by Pedrycz, Gomide

ISBN: 9780262359733 | Copyright 1998

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Contents (pg. vii)
Foreword (pg. xiii)
Preface (pg. xv)
Introduction (pg. xxi)
I Fundamentals of Fuzzy Sets (pg. 1)
1 Basic Notions and Concepts of Fuzzy Sets (pg. 3)
2 Fuzzy Set Operations (pg. 31)
3 Information-Based Characterization of Fuzzy Sets (pg. 59)
4 Fuzzy Relations and Their Calculus (pg. 85)
5 Fuzzy Numbers (pg. 129)
6 Fuzzy Sets and Probability (pg. 151)
7 Linguistic Variables (pg. 165)
8 Fuzzy Logic (pg. 181)
9 Fuzzy Measures and Fuzzy Integrals (pg. 205)
II Computational Models (pg. 219)
10 Rule-Based Computations (pg. 221)
11 Fuzzy Neurocomputation (pg. 265)
12 Fuzzy Evolutionary Computation (pg. 303)
13 Fuzzy Modeling (pg. 327)
III Problem Solving with Fuzzy Sets (pg. 359)
14 Methodology (pg. 361)
15 Case Studies (pg. 399)
Index (pg. 463)

Witold Pedrycz

Witold Pedrycz is Professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta.

Fernando Gomide

Fernando Gomide

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