Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology

by Johnston, Wu

ISBN: 9780262276344 | Copyright 1994

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with simulations and illustrations by Richard Gray Problem solving is an indispensable part of learning a quantitative science such as neurophysiology. This text for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in neuroscience, physiology, biophysics, and computational neuroscience provides comprehensive, mathematically sophisticated descriptions of modern principles of cellular neurophysiology. It is the only neurophysiology text that gives detailed derivations of equations, worked examples, and homework problem sets (with complete answers). Developed from notes for the course that the authors have taught since 1983, Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology covers cellular neurophysiology (also some material at the molecular and systems levels) from its physical and mathematical foundations in a way that is far more rigorous than other commonly used texts in this area.

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Contents in Brief (pg. v)
Contents in Detail (pg. vii)
Preface (pg. xix)
List of Symbols, Units, and Physical Constants (pg. xxiii)
1 Introduction (pg. 1)
2 Ion Movement in Excitable Cells (pg. 9)
3 Electrical Properties of the Excitable Membrane (pg. 39)
4 Functional Properties of Dendrites (pg. 55)
S Nonlinear Properties of Excitable Membranes (pg. 121)
6 Hodgkin and Huxley's Analysis of the Squid Giant Axon (pg. 143)
7 Functional Diversity of Voltage-Gated Conductances (pg. 183)
8 Molecular Structure and Unitary Currents of Ion Channels (pg. 215)
9 Stochastic Analysis of Single-Channel Function (pg. 227)
10 Formulation of Stochastic Channel Mechanisms (pg. 249)
11 Synaptic Transmission I: Presynaptic Mechanisms (pg. 287)
12 Synaptic Transmission II: Ca2+ and Transmitter Release (pg. 323)
13 Synaptic Transmission III: Postsynaptic Mechanisms (pg. 357)
14 Extracellular Field Recordings (pg. 423)
15 Cellular Neurophysiology of Learning and Memory (pg. 441)
A Basic Electricity and Electrical Circuits (pg. 481)
B Optical Methods in Cellular Neurophysiology (pg. 515)
C Short Answers to Homework Problems (pg. 537)
D Complete Solutions to Problems (pg. 549)
Suggested Readings (pg. 635)
Index (pg. 667)
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