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A Course in Semantics
A Course in Semantics by Altshuler, Parsons, Schwarzschild 9780262042772
A Semantic Web Primer, 3e
A Semantic Web Primer, 3e by Antoniou, Groth, Harmelen, Hoekstra 9780262304689
AI & Humanity
AI & Humanity by Nourbakhsh, Keating 9780262043847
Advanced Microeconomic Theory
Advanced Microeconomic Theory by Muñoz-Garcia 9780262364164
Ageism, 2e
Ageism, 2e by Nelson 9780262339742
Algorithms Unlocked
Algorithms Unlocked by Cormen 9780262313230
Algorithms for Optimization
Algorithms for Optimization by Kochenderfer, Wheeler 9780262039420
American Environmental Policy
American Environmental Policy by Klyza, Sousa 9780262317054
An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets
An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets by Pedrycz, Gomide 9780262359733
Analytical Methods for Dynamic Modelers
Analytical Methods for Dynamic Modelers by Rahmandad, Oliva, Osgood, Richardson 9780262331432
Analyzing Memory
Analyzing Memory by Chechile 9780262038423
Applied Ethics in Mental Health Care
Applied Ethics in Mental Health Care by Sisti, Caplan, Rimon-Greenspan, Appelbaum 9780262317252
Architect?, 3e
Architect?, 3e by Lewis 9780262316606
Argument and Inference
Argument and Inference by Johnson 9780262035255
Artificial Cognitive Systems
Artificial Cognitive Systems by Vernon, Vernon 9780262028387
Autonomous Robots
Autonomous Robots by Bekey 9780262292474
Big Hunger
Big Hunger by Fisher 9780262339520
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence by Floreano, Floreano, Mattiussi, Mattiussi 9780262303910