Vision Science

Photons to Phenomenology

by Stephen

ISBN: 9780262304016 | Copyright 1999

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Contents (pg. vii)
Preface (pg. xvii)
Part I Foundations (pg. 1)
1 An Introduction to Vision Science (pg. 3)
2 Theoretical Approaches to Vision (pg. 45)
3 Color Vision: A Microcosm of Vision Science (pg. 94)
Part II Spatial Vision (pg. 143)
4 Processing Image Structure (pg. 145)
5 Perceiving Surfaces Oriented in Depth (pg. 199)
6 Organizing Objects and Scenes (pg. 254)
7 Perceiving Object Properties and Parts (pg. 311)
8 Representing Shape and Structure (pg. 362)
9 Perceiving Function and Category (pg. 408)
Part III Visual Dynamics (pg. 463)
10 Perceiving Motion and Events (pg. 465)
11 Visual Selection: Eye Movements and Attention (pg. 519)
12 Visual Memory and Imagery (pg. 572)
13 Visual Awareness (pg. 615)
Appendix A Psychophysical Methods (pg. 665)
Appendix B Connectionist Modeling (pg. 675)
Appendix C Color Technology (pg. 689)
Glossary (pg. 701)
References (pg. 737)
Name Index (pg. 771)
Subject Index (pg. 780)

Palmer E. Stephen

Stephen E. Palmer is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute of Cognitive Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

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