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Visual Insights
Visual Insights by Börner, Polley 9780262320245
Analyzing Memory
Analyzing Memory by Chechile 9780262038423
The Little Typer
The Little Typer by Friedman, Christiansen 9780262355469
Phonology by Bale, Reiss 9780262363952
Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory
Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory by Pratt, Raiffa, Schlaifer 9780262662062
A First Course in Turbulence
A First Course in Turbulence by Tennekes, Lumley 9780262536301
The Vestigial Heart
The Vestigial Heart by Torras 9780262037778
Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing by Rieffel, Polak 9780262526678
Theory of Language
Theory of Language by Weisler, Milekic 9780262731256
Social Cognition
Social Cognition by Kunda 9780262611435
Microeconomics of Banking, Second
Microeconomics of Banking, Second by Freixas, Rochet 9780262062701
Empirical Asset Pricing
Empirical Asset Pricing by Ferson 9780262039376
Forms of Life
Forms of Life by Collins 9780262536646
Urban Computing
Urban Computing by Zheng 9780262039086
The Theory of Learning in Games
The Theory of Learning in Games by Fudenberg, Levine 9780262529242
The Meaning Of Language, Second
The Meaning Of Language, Second by Martin, Savage 9780262535731
Endogenous Growth Theory
Endogenous Growth Theory by Aghion, Howitt 9780262528467
Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics
Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics by Williams Jr. 9780262039710
Wave Propagation
Wave Propagation by Williams Jr. 9780262039901