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Sustainable Energy, Second Edition
Sustainable Energy, Second Edition by Testser, Drake, Driscoll, Golay, Peters 9780262304634
What Is the Argument?
What Is the Argument? by Harrell 9780262529273
Real-World Algorithms
Real-World Algorithms by Louridas 9780262338158
Algorithms for Optimization
Algorithms for Optimization by Kochenderfer, Wheeler 9780262039420
Model Checking, 2e
Model Checking, 2e by Jr., Grumberg, Kroening, Peled, Veith 9780262038836
On the Brink of Paradox
On the Brink of Paradox by Rayo 9780262039413
Argument and Inference
Argument and Inference by Johnson 9780262035255
Essential Logic for Computer Science
Essential Logic for Computer Science by Page, Gamboa 9780262039185
The Vestigial Heart
The Vestigial Heart by Torras 9780262037778
Food Justice
Food Justice by Gottlieb, Joshi 9780262288644
Economic Dynamics in Discrete Time
Economic Dynamics in Discrete Time by Jianjun Miao 9780262325608
Programming for the Puzzled
Programming for the Puzzled by Devadas 9780262343190
Market Design
Market Design by Haeringer 9780262345095
Algorithms Unlocked
Algorithms Unlocked by Cormen 9780262313230
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Probabilistic Graphical Models by Koller, Friedman 9780262258357
The Little Prover
The Little Prover by Friedman, Eastlund 9780262330572