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Intermediate Public Economics, 2e
Intermediate Public Economics, 2e by Hindriks, Myles 9780262313803
Advanced Microeconomic Theory
Advanced Microeconomic Theory by Muñoz-Garcia 9780262364164
Health Economics, 2e
Health Economics, 2e by Sloan, Hsieh 9780262364324
Site Planning
Site Planning by Hack 9780262364683
The Energy System
The Energy System by Bradford 9780262363983
How to Design Programs, 2e
How to Design Programs, 2e by Felleisen, Krishnamurthi, Flatt, Findler 9780262364072
Taxing Ourselves, 5e
Taxing Ourselves, 5e by Slemrod, Bakija 9780262363921
Out of the Crisis
Out of the Crisis by Deming 9780262535946
How to Write a Thesis
How to Write a Thesis by Eco 9780262328760
Labor Economics
Labor Economics by Cahuc, Carcillo, Zylberberg 9780262027700
Environmental Governance Reconsidered, 2e
Environmental Governance Reconsidered, 2e by Durant, Fiorino, O'Leary 9780262364294
Energy and Civilization
Energy and Civilization by Smil 9780262338318
What Is the Argument?
What Is the Argument? by Harrell 9780262529273
Real-World Algorithms
Real-World Algorithms by Louridas 9780262364249
Algorithms for Optimization
Algorithms for Optimization by Kochenderfer, Wheeler 9780262039420