Microeconomic Essentials

Understanding Economics in the News

by Prag

ISBN: 9780262364973 | Copyright 2020

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Title (pg. i)
Preface (pg. ix)
Introduction (pg. 1)
The Market Model (pg. 9)
Application of (and Interference with) the Market (pg. 27)
Behind the Demand Line: Consumer Theory (pg. 51)
Behind the Supply Line: Theory of the Firm (pg. 73)
Perfect Competition (pg. 93)
Monopoly (pg. 107)
Imperfect Competition and Oligopoly Models (pg. 121)
Game Theory (pg. 141)
Input Markets (pg. 157)
Welfare and Public Economics (pg. 175)
International Economics (pg. 197)
Appendix A: Answers to Sample Exam Questions (pg. 213)
Appendix B: Answers to Even- Numbered Exercises (pg. 217)
Glossary (pg. 227)
Index (pg. 231)

Jay Prag

Jay Prag is Clinical Associate Professor at the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.

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