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Autonomous Robots
Autonomous Robots by Bekey 9780262292474
The Economics of Contracts, 2e
The Economics of Contracts, 2e by Salanié 9780262257879
Readings in Database Systems, 4e
Readings in Database Systems, 4e by Hellerstein, Stonebraker 9780262311939
The Elements of Computing Systems
The Elements of Computing Systems by Nisan, Schocken 9780262310673
Probabilistic Robotics
Probabilistic Robotics by Thrun, Burgard, Fox 9780262363808
Contract Theory
Contract Theory by Bolton, Dewatripont 9780262257961
Dynamic Economics
Dynamic Economics by Adda, Cooper 9780262291880
Pragmatic Bioethics, 2e
Pragmatic Bioethics, 2e by McGee 9780262324977
Rules of Play
Rules of Play by Salen Tekinbaş, Zimmerman 9780262282871
Principles of Data Mining
Principles of Data Mining by Hand, Mannila, Smyth 9780262304085
Learning and Soft Computing
Learning and Soft Computing by Kecman 9780262311151
Logic Primer, 2e
Logic Primer, 2e by Allen, Hand 9780262287487
The Csound Book
The Csound Book by Boulanger 9780262325059