Student Solutions Manual to Accompany An Introduction to Econometrics: A Self-Contained Approach

by Westhoff

ISBN: 9780262317191 | Copyright 2013

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Solutions to odd-numbered prep questions, review questions, and exercises in an undergraduate econometric textbook designed to teach students regression analysis on one semester.
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Contents (pg. v)
Chapter 1 Descriptive Statistics (pg. 1)
Chapter 2 Essentials of Probability and Estimation (pg. 7)
Chapter 3 Interval Estimates and the Central Limit Theorem (pg. 13)
Chapter 4 Estimation Procedures, Estimates, and Hypothesis Testing (pg. 21)
Chapter 5 Ordinary Least Squares Estimation Procedure—The Mechanics (pg. 25)
Chapter 6 Ordinary Least Squares Estimation Procedure—The Properties (pg. 31)
Chapter 7 Estimating the Variance of an Estimate’s Property Distribution (pg. 37)
Chapter 8 Interval Estimates and Hypothesis Testing (pg. 41)
Chapter 9 One-Tailed Tests, Two-Tailed Tests, and Logarithms (pg. 49)
Chapter 10 Multiple Regression Analysis—Introduction (pg. 59)
Chapter 11 Hypothesis Testing and the Wald Test (pg. 63)
Chapter 12 Model Specification and Development (pg. 67)
Chapter 13 Dummy and Interaction Variables (pg. 73)
Chapter 14 Omitted Explanatory Variables, Multicollinearity, and Irrelevant Explanatory Variables (pg. 77)
Chapter 15 Other Regression Statistics and Pitfalls (pg. 83)
Chapter 16 Heteroskedasticity (pg. 89)
Chapter 17 Autocorrelation (Serial Correlation) (pg. 95)
Chapter 18 Explanatory Variable/Error Term Independence Premis, Consistency, and Instrumental Variables (pg. 99)
Chapter 19 Measurement Error and the Instrumental Variables Estimation Procedure (pg. 101)
Chapter 20 Omitted Variables and the Instrumental Variable Estimation Procedure (pg. 105)
Chapter 21 Panel Data and Omitted Variables (pg. 109)
Chapter 22 Simultaneous Equations Models—Introduction (pg. 113)
Chapter 23 Simultaneous Equations Models—Identification (pg. 117)
Chapter 24 Binary and Truncated Dependent Variables (pg. 123)
Chapter 25 Descriptive Statistics, Probability, and Random Variables—A Closer Look (pg. 129)
Chapter 26 Estimating the Mean of a Population (pg. 133)

Frank Westhoff

Frank Westhoff is Professor of Economics at Amherst College.

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