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Multi-Agent Oriented Programming
Multi-Agent Oriented Programming by Boissier, Bordini, Hübner, Ricci 9780262360678
Modeling and Simulating Software Architectures
Modeling and Simulating Software Architectures by Reussner, Becker, Happe, Heinrich, Koziolek, Koziolek, Kramer, Krogmann 9780262364119
Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems
Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems by Groote, Groote, Mousavi, Mousavi 9780262321044
Model Checking, 2e
Model Checking, 2e by Jr., Grumberg, Kroening, Peled, Veith 9780262038836
Mobile Microrobotics
Mobile Microrobotics by Sitti 9780262364058
Microeconomics of Banking
Microeconomics of Banking by Freixas, Rochet 9780262062701
Microeconomic Essentials
Microeconomic Essentials by Prag 9780262364973
Metamodeling for Method Engineering
Metamodeling for Method Engineering by Jeusfeld, Jarke, Mylopoulos 9780262258302
Meaningful Games
Meaningful Games by Clark 9780262297868
Mathematics of Big Data
Mathematics of Big Data by Kepner, Jananthan 9780262347907
Mathematics for Economics
Mathematics for Economics by Hoy, Livernois, McKenna, Rees, Stengos 9780262295277
Mathematical Modeling in Systems Biology
Mathematical Modeling in Systems Biology by Ingalls, Ingalls 9780262315647
Market Design
Market Design by Haeringer 9780262364607
Marine Hydrodynamics
Marine Hydrodynamics by Newman, Grue 9780262364751
Macroeconomic Essentials, 4e
Macroeconomic Essentials, 4e by Kennedy, Prag 9780262364300
Macroeconomic Analysis
Macroeconomic Analysis by Niepelt 9780262043472
Machine Learning
Machine Learning by Murphy 9780262305242
Logic Primer, 2e
Logic Primer, 2e by Allen, Hand 9780262287487
Logic in Games
Logic in Games by van Benthem 9780262320306
Linguistics, 7e
Linguistics, 7e by Akmajian, Farmer, Bickmore, Demers, Harnish 9780262288880