Planning Ideas That Matter

by Sanyal, Vale, Rosan

ISBN: 9780262304795 | Copyright 2012

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Over the past hundred years of urbanization and suburbanization, four key themes have shaped urban and regional planning in both theory and practice: livability, territoriality, governance, and reflective professional practice. Planning Ideas That Matter charts the trajectories of these powerful planning ideas in an increasingly interconnected world.

The contributors, leading theorists and practitioners, discuss livability in terms of such issues as urban density, land use, and the relationship between the built environment and natural systems; examine levels of territorial organization, drawing on literature on regionalism, metropolitanism, and territorial competition; describe the ways planning connects to policy making and implementation in a variety of political contexts; and consider how planners conceive of their work and learn from practice.

Throughout, the emphasis is on how individuals and institutions -- including government, business, professional organizations, and universities--have framed planning problems and ideas. The focus is less on techniques and programs than on the underlying concepts that have animated professional discourse over the years. The book is recommended for classroom use, as a reference for scholars and practitioners, and as a history of planning for those interested in the development of the field.

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Contents (pg. v)
Acknowledgments (pg. vii)
Contributors (pg. ix)
1 Four Planning Conversations (pg. 1)
I Ideas about Livability (pg. 31)
2 Shaping Urban Form (pg. 33)
3 New Urbanism (pg. 65)
4 Sustainability in Planning: The Arc and Trajectory of a Movement, and New Directions for the Twenty-First-Century City (pg. 91)
II Ideas about Territoriality (pg. 125)
5 Regional Development Planning (pg. 127)
6 Metropolitanism: How Metropolitan Planning Has Been Shaped by and Reflected in the Plans of the Regional Plan Association (pg. 153)
7 Territorial Competitiveness: Lineages, Practices, Ideologies (pg. 179)
III Ideas about Governance (pg. 205)
8 Urban Development (pg. 207)
9 Public-Private Engagement: Promise and Practice (pg. 233)
10 Good Governance: The Inflation of an Idea (pg. 259)
11 Self-Help Housing Ideas and Practice in the Americas (pg. 283)
IV Ideas about Professional Reflection (pg. 311)
12 Reflective Practice (pg. 313)
13 Communicative Planning: Practices, Concepts, and Rhetorics (pg. 333)
14 Social Justice as Responsible Practice: Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and the Civil Rights Era (pg. 359)
Index (pg. 387)
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