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Rational Choice
Rational Choice by Gilboa 9780262265690
Applied Ethics in Mental Health Care
Applied Ethics in Mental Health Care by Sisti, Caplan, Rimon-Greenspan, Appelbaum 9780262317252
Operations Forensics
Operations Forensics by Lai 9780262313018
Meaningful Games
Meaningful Games by Clark 9780262297868
Planning Ideas That Matter
Planning Ideas That Matter by Sanyal, Vale, Rosan 9780262304795
Change of State
Change of State by Braman 9780262261883
The Processes of Life
The Processes of Life by Hunter 9780262299947
Labor, Credit, and Goods Markets
Labor, Credit, and Goods Markets by Petrosky-Nadeau, Wasmer 9780262364577
Elements of Causal Inference
Elements of Causal Inference by Peters, Janzing, Schölkopf 9780262364690
Marine Hydrodynamics
Marine Hydrodynamics by Newman, Grue 9780262364751
The Reasoned Schemer, 2e
The Reasoned Schemer, 2e by Friedman, Byrd, Kiselyov, Hemann, Bibby, Steele, Sussman, Kowalski 9780262364744
Holographic Quantum Matter
Holographic Quantum Matter by Hartnoll, Lucas, Sachdev 9780262348010
Mathematics of Big Data
Mathematics of Big Data by Kepner, Jananthan 9780262347907
Discrete Choice Analysis
Discrete Choice Analysis by Ben-Akiva, Lerman 9780262260411
Dynamic Economics
Dynamic Economics by Adda, Cooper 9780262291880