The Ancient Origins of Consciousness

How the Brain Created Experience

by Feinberg, Mallatt

ISBN: 9780262333276 | Copyright 2016

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Contents (pg. v)
Preface (pg. vii)
Acknowledgments (pg. xi)
List of Figures and Tables (pg. xiii)
1 The Mystery of Subjectivity (pg. 1)
2 The General Biological and Special Neurobiological Features of Conscious Animals (pg. 17)
3 The Birth of Brains (pg. 37)
4 The Cambrian Explosion (pg. 51)
5 Consciousness Gets a Head Start (pg. 69)
6 Two-Step Evolution of Sensory Consciousness In Vertebrates (pg. 101)
7 Searching for Sentience (pg. 129)
8 Finding Sentience (pg. 149)
9 Does Consciousness Need a Backbone? (pg. 171)
10 Neurobiological Naturalism (pg. 195)
Appendix (pg. 229)
Notes (pg. 251)
References (pg. 287)
Index (pg. 349)

Todd E. Feinberg

Todd E. Feinberg is Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.

Jon M. Mallatt

Jon M. Mallatt is Clinical Associate Professor in the WWAMI Medical Program at The University of Idaho and the University of Washington.

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