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Neurorobotics by Hwu, Krichmar 9780262370547
Logical Methods
Logical Methods by Restall, Standefer 9780262372695
Introduction to Autonomous Robots
Introduction to Autonomous Robots by Correll, Hayes, Heckman, Roncone 9780262372954
Semantics as Science
Semantics as Science by Larson 9780262361637
Computational Imaging
Computational Imaging by Bhandari, Kadambi, Raskar 9780262368360
Machine Learning from Weak Supervision
Machine Learning from Weak Supervision by Sugiyama, Bao, Ishida, Lu, Sakai, Niu 9780262370554
Economic Dynamics, 2e
Economic Dynamics, 2e by Stachurski 9780262372459
Strategies and Games, 2e
Strategies and Games, 2e by Dutta, Vergote 9780262368513
Algorithms for Decision Making
Algorithms for Decision Making by Kochenderfer, Wheeler, Wray 9780262370226
Financial Modeling, 5e
Financial Modeling, 5e by Benninga 9780262368254
Human-Centered Data Science
Human-Centered Data Science by Aragon, Guha, Kogan, Muller, Neff 9780262367585
Torts! by Zittrain, Weinstock 9780262370073
Logic Primer, 3e
Logic Primer, 3e by Allen, Hand 9780262369497
Action by Rosenbaum 9780262368728
Persuading with Data
Persuading with Data by Kazakoff 9780262368193
University Chemistry
University Chemistry by Anderson 9780262365932
Mathematics for Economics
Mathematics for Economics by Hoy, Livernois, McKenna, Rees, Stengos 9780262368780
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson, Sussman, Henz, Wrigstad 9780262367639
A Mastering Quantum Mechanics
A Mastering Quantum Mechanics by Zwiebach 9780262366908
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 5e
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 5e by Viscusi, Jr., Sappington 9780262364355
The Elements of Computing Systems, 2e
The Elements of Computing Systems, 2e by Nisan, Schocken 9780262364027
Linguistics, 7e
Linguistics, 7e by Akmajian, Farmer, Bickmore, Demers, Harnish 9780262288880