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Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory
Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory by Pratt, Raiffa, Schlaifer 9780262662062
Microeconomics of Banking, Second
Microeconomics of Banking, Second by Freixas, Rochet 9780262062701
Principles of Model Checking
Principles of Model Checking by Baier, Katoen 9780262304030
The Economics of Growth
The Economics of Growth by Aghion, Howitt 9780262303897
Essentials of Programming Languages, 3e
Essentials of Programming Languages, 3e by Wand, Friedman 9780262273275
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence by Floreano, Mattiussi 9780262303910
Economics of Forest Resources
Economics of Forest Resources by Amacher, Ollikainen, Koskela 9780262310093
Grammar as Science
Grammar as Science by Larson, Larson, Ryokai 9780262303149
Metamodeling for Method Engineering
Metamodeling for Method Engineering by Jeusfeld, Jarke, Mylopoulos 9780262258302
Economic Dynamics
Economic Dynamics by Stachurski 9780262304047
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Probabilistic Graphical Models by Koller, Friedman 9780262277389
The Processes of Life
The Processes of Life by Hunter 9780262299947
Semantics Engineering with PLT Redex
Semantics Engineering with PLT Redex by Felleisen, Flatt, Findler 9780262258173
Rational Choice
Rational Choice by Gilboa 9780262265690
Information Retrieval
Information Retrieval by Büttcher, Clarke, Cormack 9780262288682
Macroeconomic Essentials, 3e
Macroeconomic Essentials, 3e by Kennedy 9780262288620
Contending with Terrorism
Contending with Terrorism by Brown, Coté, Lynn-Jones, Miller 9780262289030
Seeing, 2e
Seeing, 2e by Frisby, Stone 9780262265546