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Historical Linguistics, forth
Historical Linguistics, forth by Campbell 9780262542180
Knowledge Graphs
Knowledge Graphs by Kejriwal, Knoblock, Szekely 9780262363211
The Elements of Computing Systems, 2e
The Elements of Computing Systems, 2e by Nisan, Schocken 9780262364027
A New History of Modern Computing
A New History of Modern Computing by Haigh, Ceruzzi 9780262366489
A Playful Production Process
A Playful Production Process by Lemarchand 9780262366236
Information-Driven Planning and Control
Information-Driven Planning and Control by Ferrari, Wettergren 9780262362948
Perceptual Learning
Perceptual Learning by Dosher, Lu 9780262363716
Multi-Agent Oriented Programming
Multi-Agent Oriented Programming by Boissier, Bordini, Hübner, Ricci 9780262360678
Topology by Bradley, Bryson, Terilla 9780262365024
The Psychology of Learning
The Psychology of Learning by De Houwer, Hughes 9780262365086
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptoassets
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptoassets by Schär, Berentsen 9780262365048