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Foundations of Machine Learning, Second Edition
Foundations of Machine Learning, Second Edition by Mohri, Rostamizadeh, Talwalkar 9780262351355
Essential Logic for Computer Science
Essential Logic for Computer Science by Page, Gamboa 9780262039185
Introduction to Deep Learning
Introduction to Deep Learning by Charniak 9780262039512
Mathematics of Big Data
Mathematics of Big Data by Kepner, Jananthan 9780262347891
The Energy System
The Energy System by Bradford 9780262345002
Market Design
Market Design by Haeringer 9780262345088
Holographic Quantum Matter
Holographic Quantum Matter by Hartnoll, Lucas, Sachdev 9780262348003
Site Planning
Site Planning by Hack 9780262344425
How to Design Programs, 2e
How to Design Programs, 2e by Felleisen, Findler, Flatt, Krishnamurthi 9780262344111
Linguistics, 7e
Linguistics, 7e by Akmajian, Farmer, Bickmore, Demers, Harnish 9780262327930
Energy and Civilization
Energy and Civilization by Smil 9780262338295
Innovating by Perez-Breva 9780262336673
Argument and Inference
Argument and Inference by Johnson 9780262337762
Health Economics, 2e
Health Economics, 2e by Sloan, Hsieh 9780262340335
Carbon Capture and Storage
Carbon Capture and Storage by Faure, Faure, Partain, Partain 9780262337304
Language Acquisition, 2e
Language Acquisition, 2e by Guasti 9780262342261
Real-World Algorithms
Real-World Algorithms by Louridas 9780262338141
FireSigns by Skaggs 9780262340069
Climate Of Capitulation
Climate Of Capitulation by Thomson 9780262340656