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Programming for the Puzzled
Programming for the Puzzled by Devadas 9780262364713
Processing by Reas, Fry 9780262321853
Probabilistic Robotics
Probabilistic Robotics by Thrun, Burgard, Fox 9780262363808
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Probabilistic Graphical Models by Koller, Friedman 9780262277389
Principles of Model Checking
Principles of Model Checking by Baier, Katoen 9780262304030
Principles of Data Mining
Principles of Data Mining by Hand, Mannila, Smyth 9780262304085
Pragmatic Bioethics, 2e
Pragmatic Bioethics, 2e by McGee 9780262324977
Practice Exercises for Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Practice Exercises for Intermediate Microeconomic Theory by Espinola-Arredondo, Muñoz-Garcia, Dunaway, Strandholm 9780262365000
Polarized America
Polarized America by McCarty, Poole, Rosenthal 9780262364256
Planning Ideas That Matter
Planning Ideas That Matter by Sanyal, Vale, Rosan 9780262304795
Photo Forensics
Photo Forensics by Farid 9780262355452
Phonology by Bale, Reiss 9780262363952
Perceptual Learning
Perceptual Learning by Dosher, Lu 9780262363716
Paths to a Green World, 2e
Paths to a Green World, 2e by Clapp, Dauvergne 9780262294621
Out of the Crisis
Out of the Crisis by Deming 9780262535946
Operations Forensics
Operations Forensics by Lai 9780262313018
On the Brink of Paradox
On the Brink of Paradox by Rayo 9780262039413
Neuroscience by Glickstein 9780262319508