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Introduction to Algorithms, 3e
Introduction to Algorithms, 3e by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein 9780262270830
Machine Learning
Machine Learning by Murphy 9780262305242
Financial Modeling
Financial Modeling by Benninga 9780262321693
Capital Markets
Capital Markets by Fabozzi 9780262331586
Linguistics, 7e
Linguistics, 7e by Akmajian, Farmer, Bickmore, Demers, Harnish 9780262288880
Macroeconomic Essentials, 4e
Macroeconomic Essentials, 4e by Kennedy, Prag 9780262364300
Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning by Sutton, Barto 9780262364010
Foundations of Machine Learning
Foundations of Machine Learning by Rostamizadeh, Talwalkar, Mohri 9780262364126
Introduction to Deep Learning
Introduction to Deep Learning by Charniak 9780262039512
Dynamic Macroeconomics
Dynamic Macroeconomics by Alogoskoufis 9780262043014
Macroeconomic Analysis
Macroeconomic Analysis by Niepelt 9780262043472
Introduction to AI Robotics
Introduction to AI Robotics by Murphy 9780262038485
The Chinese Economy, 2e
The Chinese Economy, 2e by Naughton 9780262363914
Deep Learning
Deep Learning by Goodfellow, Bengio, Courville 9780262364102
The Japanese Economy, 2e
The Japanese Economy, 2e by Hoshi, Ito 9780262538244
The Elements of Computing Systems
The Elements of Computing Systems by Nisan, Schocken 9780262310673
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 5e
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 5e by Viscusi, Jr., Sappington 9780262364355
Frankenstein by Shelley, Guston, Finn, Robert, Robinson 9780262340267
Processing by Reas, Fry 9780262321853
Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, 4e
Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, 4e by Ljungqvist, Sargent 9780262364867
Student Solutions Manual for Mathematics Economics, 3e
Student Solutions Manual for Mathematics Economics, 3e by Hoy, Livernois, McKenna, Rees, Stengos 9780262304238
Mathematics for Economics
Mathematics for Economics by Hoy, Livernois, McKenna, Rees, Stengos 9780262295277