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On the Brink of Paradox
On the Brink of Paradox by Rayo 9780262039413
Empirical Asset Pricing
Empirical Asset Pricing by Ferson 9780262039376
Algorithms for Optimization
Algorithms for Optimization by Kochenderfer, Wheeler 9780262039420
Forms of Life
Forms of Life by Collins 9780262536646
Urban Computing
Urban Computing by Zheng 9780262039086
Introduction to Deep Learning
Introduction to Deep Learning by Charniak 9780262039512
Essential Logic for Computer Science
Essential Logic for Computer Science by Page, Gamboa 9780262039185
Model Checking, 2e
Model Checking, 2e by Jr., Grumberg, Kroening, Peled, Veith 9780262038836
Foundations of Machine Learning, Second Edition
Foundations of Machine Learning, Second Edition by Mohri, Rostamizadeh, Talwalkar 9780262351355
Phonology by Bale, Reiss 9780262348126
Out of the Crisis
Out of the Crisis by Deming 9780262535946
The Little Typer
The Little Typer by Friedman, Christiansen 9780262350990
Analyzing Memory
Analyzing Memory by Chechile 9780262347983
Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, 4e
Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, 4e by Ljungqvist, Sargent 9780262348720
The Energy System
The Energy System by Bradford 9780262345002
Mathematics of Big Data
Mathematics of Big Data by Kepner, Jananthan 9780262347891