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A Mastering Quantum Mechanics
A Mastering Quantum Mechanics by Zwiebach 9780262366908
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson, Sussman, Henz, Wrigstad 9780262367639
Mathematics for Economics, 4e
Mathematics for Economics, 4e by Hoy, Livernois, McKenna, Rees, Stengos 9780262368780
Torts! by Zittrain, Weinstock 9780262370073
Persuading with Data
Persuading with Data by Kazakoff 9780262368193
Human-Centered Data Science
Human-Centered Data Science by Aragon, Guha, Kogan, Muller, Neff 9780262367585
Logic Primer, 3e
Logic Primer, 3e by Allen, Hand 9780262369497
Action, Mind, and Brain
Action, Mind, and Brain by Rosenbaum 9780262368728
Financial Modeling, 5e
Financial Modeling, 5e by Benninga 9780262368254
A Playful Production Process
A Playful Production Process by Lemarchand 9780262366236
A New History of Modern Computing
A New History of Modern Computing by Haigh, Ceruzzi 9780262366489
Information-Driven Planning and Control
Information-Driven Planning and Control by Ferrari, Wettergren 9780262362948
Historical Linguistics, forth
Historical Linguistics, forth by Campbell 9780262542180
Knowledge Graphs
Knowledge Graphs by Kejriwal, Knoblock, Szekely 9780262363211