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Multi-Agent Oriented Programming
Multi-Agent Oriented Programming by Boissier, Bordini, Hübner, Ricci 9780262360678
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptoassets
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptoassets by Schär, Berentsen 9780262365048
Studying Sound
Studying Sound by Collins 9780262365062
The Psychology of Learning
The Psychology of Learning by Houwer, Hughes 9780262365086
Topology by Bradley, Bryson, Terilla 9780262365024
Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Economic Dynamics in Discrete Time, 2e
Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Economic Dynamics in Discrete Time, 2e by Jiang, Miao-DELETE ME, Shen, Su, Zeng, Zhuo, Miao 9780262538909
AI & Humanity
AI & Humanity by Nourbakhsh, Keating 9780262043847
Language Acquisition and Development
Language Acquisition and Development by Becker, Deen 9780262043588
Introduction to Static Analysis
Introduction to Static Analysis by Rival, Yi 9780262043410
Macroeconomic Analysis
Macroeconomic Analysis by Niepelt 9780262043472
The Japanese Economy, 2e
The Japanese Economy, 2e by Hoshi, Ito 9780262538244
Dynamic Macroeconomics
Dynamic Macroeconomics by Alogoskoufis 9780262043014
The OpenMP Common Core
The OpenMP Common Core by Mattson, Koniges, He 9780262538862
Wave Propagation
Wave Propagation by DELETE ME, Williams Jr. 9780262039901
Capital Markets Union and Beyond
Capital Markets Union and Beyond by Allen, Faia, Langenbucher, Haliassos 9780262042765
Circuit Design with VHDL, 3e
Circuit Design with VHDL, 3e by Pedroni 9780262042642