Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously, 2e

Economic Development, the Environment, and Quality of Life in American Cities

by Portney

ISBN: 9780262312363 | Copyright 2013

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Today most major cities have undertaken some form of sustainability initiative. Yet there have been few systematic comparisons across cities, or theoretically grounded considerations of what works and what does not, and why. In Taking Sustainable CitiesSeriously, Kent Portney addresses this gap, offering a comprehensive overview and analysis of sustainability programs and policies in American cities. After discussing the conceptual underpinnings of sustainability, he examines the local aspects of sustainability; considers the measurement of sustainability and offers an index of "serious" sustainability for the fifty-five largest cities in the country; examines the relationship between sustainability and economic growth; and discusses issues of governance, equity, and implementation. He also offers extensive case studies, with separate chapters on large, medium-size, and small cities, and provides an empirically grounded analysis of why some large cities are more ambitious than others in their sustainability efforts. This second edition has been updated throughout, with new material that draws on the latest research. It also offers numerous additional case studies, a new chapter on management and implementation issues, and a greatly expanded comparative analysis of big-city sustainability initiatives. Portney shows how cities use the broad rubric of sustainability to achieve particular political ends, and he dispels the notion that only cities that are politically liberal are interested in sustainability. Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously draws a roadmap for effective sustainability initiatives.
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Contents (pg. v)
Series Foreword (pg. vii)
Preface (pg. xi)
Acknowledgments (pg. xv)
1 The Conceptual Foundations of Sustainable Cities (pg. 1)
2 Measuring the Seriousness of Sustainable Cities (pg. 37)
3 The Environment, Energy, and Sustainability in Cities (pg. 89)
4 The Economic Development Side of Sustainability (pg. 123)
5 Communitarian and Participatory Foundations of Sustainable Cities (pg. 151)
6 Is a Sustainable City a More Egalitarian Place? (pg. 187)
7 The Implementation of City Sustainability Policies (pg. 205)
8 Sustainability in the “Big Five” US Cities (pg. 229)
9 The Medium-Sized Cities That Take Sustainability Seriously (pg. 249)
10 Sustainability Approaches and Results in Three Smaller Cities (pg. 281)
11 Why Some Cities Take Sustainability More Seriously Than Others (pg. 303)
12 Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously (pg. 323)
Notes (pg. 335)
References (pg. 337)
Index (pg. 371)
American and Comparative Environmental Policy (pg. 381)
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