Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Introduction to Quantitative Finance: A Math Tool Kit

by Reitano

ISBN: 9780262265539 | Copyright 2010

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Robert Reitano's Introduction to Quantitative Finance offers an accessible yet rigorous development of many of the fields of mathematics necessary for success in investment and quantitative finance, covering topics applicable to portfolio theory, investment banking, option pricing, investment, and insurance risk management. The approach emphasizes the mathematical framework provided by each mathematical discipline, and the application of each framework to the solution of finance problems. This manual provides solutions to the Practice Exercises in the text.
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Contents (pg. v)
List of Figures (pg. vii)
Introduction (pg. ix)
Advice for the Student (pg. ix)
Acknowledgments (pg. x)
Chapter 1. Mathematical Logic (pg. 1)
Chapter 2. Number Systems and Functions (pg. 7)
Chapter 3. Euclidean and Other Spaces (pg. 17)
Chapter 4. Set Theory and Topology (pg. 29)
Chapter 5. Sequences and Their Convergence (pg. 37)
Chapter 6. Series and Their Convergence (pg. 45)
Chapter 7. Discrete Probability Theory (pg. 59)
Chapter 8. Fundamental Probability Theorems (pg. 89)
Chapter 9. Calculus I: Differentiation (pg. 109)
Chapter 10. Calculus II: Integration (pg. 133)
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