Introduction to AI Robotics

by Murphy

ISBN: 9780262332804 | Copyright 2000

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Contents (pg. ix)
Preface (pg. xvii)
PART I Robotic Paradigms (pg. 1)
1 From Teleoperation To Autonomy (pg. 13)
2 The Hierarchical Paradigm (pg. 41)
3 Biological Foundations of the Reactive Paradigm (pg. 67)
4 The Reactive Paradigm (pg. 105)
5 Designing a Reactive Implementation (pg. 155)
6 Common Sensing Techniques for Reactive Robots (pg. 195)
7 The Hybrid Deliberative/Reactive Paradigm (pg. 257)
8 Multi-agents (pg. 293)
PART II Navigation (pg. 315)
9 Topological Path Planning (pg. 325)
10 Metric Path Planning (pg. 351)
11 Localization and Map Making (pg. 375)
12 On the Horizon (pg. 435)
Bibliography (pg. 449)
Index (pg. 459)

Robin R. Murphy

Robin R. Murphy is Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University and directs the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR). An IEEE Fellow and a founder of Roboticists without Borders, she has worked in disaster robotics research and deployment since 1995.

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