Historical Linguistics, Fourth Edition

by Campbell

ISBN: 9780262542180 | Copyright 2021

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Title page (pg. iii)
Copyright (pg. iv)
Contents (pg. v)
List of Tables (pg. ix)
List of Figures and Maps (pg. xi)
Preface (pg. xiii)
Acknowledgements (pg. xvii)
Phonetic Symbols and Conventions (pg. xix)
Phonetic Symbols Chart (pg. xxi)
1 Introduction (pg. 1)
2 Sound Change (pg. 15)
3 Loanwords (Borrowing) (pg. 61)
4 Analogical Change (pg. 87)
5 Lexical Change (pg. 102)
6 Semantic Change (pg. 118)
7 The Comparative Method and Linguistic Reconstruction (pg. 140)
8 Internal Reconstruction (pg. 194)
9 Language Classification and Models of Linguistic Change (pg. 219)
10 Language Contact (pg. 256)
11 Change in Syntax and Morphology (pg. 278)
12 Explanation of Language Change (pg. 311)
13 Distant Genetic Relationship (pg. 326)
14 Writing and Philology: The Role of Written Records (pg. 352)
15 Linguistic Prehistory (pg. 380)
16 Quantitative Approaches to Historical Linguistics and Technical Tools (pg. 422)
Bibliography (pg. 461)
Index (pg. 480)

Lyle Campbell

Lyle Campbell is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. He is the author of American Indian Languages: The Historical Linguistics of Native America and Historical Syntax in Cross-Linguistic Perspective (with Alice C. Harris), both of which won the Linguistic Society of America's prestigious Leonard Bloomfield Book Award, and other books.

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