Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests

by Gomory, Baumol

ISBN: 9780262351348 | Copyright 2001

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Contents (pg. ix)
Foreword (pg. xi)
Preface (pg. xiii)
I For the Nonspecialist (pg. 1)
1 The Modern Global Economy and Inherent Trade Rivalry (pg. 3)
2 Significance of the Multiple Outcomes That Result from Economies of Scale (pg. 13)
3 Regions of Equilibria (pg. 23)
4 Multiple Outcomes That Result from Productivity Changes (pg. 41)
5 Conclusions for Part I (pg. 57)
II For the Specialist (pg. 75)
6 The Economies Model, the Equilibria, and the Number of Specialized Outcomes (pg. 77)
7 Mapping Trade Outcomes (pg. 83)
8 Conflicting National Interests in Linear Trade Models (pg. 99)
9 Three-Country Models and Other Complications (pg. 117)
10 Predecessors (pg. 143)
11 Empirical Evidence (pg. 163)
Notes (pg. 177)
Annotated Bibliography (pg. 187)
References (pg. 189)
Index (pg. 193)

Ralph E. Gomory

 Ralph Gomory and William Baumol adapt classical trade models to the modern world economy.

William J. Baumol

William J. Baumol is Professor of Economics at New York University and Director of the university's C. V. Starr Center for Applied Economics.

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