Economics of Global Business

by Zeidan

ISBN: 9780262364812 | Copyright 2018

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Contents (pg. v)
Preface (pg. xiii)
1 The Economics of Global Business: The Basics (pg. 1)
I The Management of National Economies (pg. 17)
2 Building Blocks: The Market for Goods and Services and Comparative Statics (pg. 19)
3 Growth in the Long Run (pg. 39)
4 Growth in the Short Run: The Market of Goods and Services (pg. 71)
5 The Financial Side of the Economy (pg. 101)
6 The Loanable Funds (Credit) Market (pg. 133)
7 Monetary and Fiscal Policies (pg. 159)
8 The Government Budget and Its Economic Impacts (pg. 179)
II Economic Policy in a Global Context (pg. 203)
9 The Foreign Currency Market and Macroeconomic Repercussions (pg. 205)
10 Exchange Rate Regimes (pg. 225)
11 Economic Policies in a Globalized World (pg. 245)
12 Income Inequality and Economic Policy (pg. 277)
13 Climate Change, the Environment, and Economic Policy (pg. 299)
14 National Accounts: GDP, Inflation, Inequality, and Unemployment (pg. 315)
15 Economics of Global Business: Integration, Limits, and Open Questions (pg. 353)

Rodrigo Zeidan

Rodrigo Zeidan is an Associate Professor of Practice of Business and Finance at New York University Shanghai and a Visiting Professor at Brazil's Fundação Dom Cabral and Copenhagen Business School. His views appear frequently in prominent media platforms in Europe, Asia, and, the United States, including Bloomberg, The Conversation, and Americas Quarterly.

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