Circuit Design and Simulation with VHDL, Second Edition, 2e

by Pedroni

ISBN: 9780262329316 | Copyright 2010

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This text offers a comprehensive treatment of VHDL and its applications to the design and simulation of real, industry-standard circuits. It focuses on the use of VHDL rather than solely on the language, showing why and how certain types of circuits are inferred from the language constructs and how any of the four simulation categories can be implemented. It makes a rigorous distinction between VHDL for synthesis and VHDL for simulation. The VHDL codes in all design examples are complete, and circuit diagrams, physical synthesis in FPGAs, simulation results, and explanatory comments are included with the designs. The text reviews fundamental concepts of digital electronics and design and includes a series of appendixes that offer tutorials on important design tools including ISE, Quartus II, and ModelSim, as well as descriptions of programmable logic devices in which the designs are implemented, the DE2 development board, standard VHDL packages, and other features. All four VHDL editions (1987, 1993, 2002, and 2008) are covered.

This expanded second edition is the first textbook on VHDL to include a detailed analysis of circuit simulation with VHDL testbenches in all four categories (nonautomated, fully automated, functional, and timing simulations), accompanied by complete practical examples. Chapters 1–9 have been updated, with new design examples and new details on such topics as data types and code statements. Chapter 10 is entirely new and deals exclusively with simulation. Chapters 11–17 are also entirely new, presenting extended and advanced designs with theoretical and practical coverage of serial data communications circuits, video circuits, and other topics. There are many more illustrations, and the exercises have been updated and their number more than doubled.

Volnei Pedroni explains what designers really need to know to build hardware with VHDL. This book sets the standard for how hardware description languages should be taught.

David Money Harris Professor of Engineering, Harvey Mudd College
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Contents (pg. vii)
Preface (pg. xv)
I Circuit-Level VHDL (pg. 1)
1 Introduction (pg. 3)
2 Code Structure (pg. 11)
3 Data Types (pg. 31)
4 Operators and Attributes (pg. 91)
5 Concurrent Code (pg. 121)
6 Sequential Code (pg. 151)
7 SIGNAL and VARIABLE (pg. 177)
II System-Level VHDL (pg. 199)
8 PACKAGE and COMPONENT (pg. 201)
9 FUNCTION and PROCEDURE (pg. 221)
10 Simulation with VHDL Testbenches (pg. 241)
III Extended and Advanced Designs (pg. 275)
11 VHDL Design of State Machines (pg. 277)
12 VHDL Designs with Basic Displays (pg. 319)
13 VHDL Design of Memory Circuits (pg. 351)
14 VHDL Design of Serial Communications Circuits (pg. 375)
15 VHDL Design of VGA Video Interfaces (pg. 423)
16 VHDL Design of DVI Video Interfaces (pg. 445)
17 VHDL Design of FPD-Link Video Interfaces (pg. 467)
Appendices (pg. 493)
A Programmable Logic Devices (pg. 495)
B Altera Quartus II Tutorial (pg. 503)
C Xilinx ISE Tutorial (pg. 515)
D ModelSim Tutorial (pg. 525)
E Altera DE2 Board Tutorial (pg. 537)
F BMP-to-RAW File Converter Tutorial (pg. 545)
G Using Macrofunctions (pg. 547)
H Package standard (2002 and 2008) (pg. 551)
I Package std_logic_1164 (1993 and 2008) (pg. 555)
J Package numeric_std (1997 and 2008) (pg. 563)
K Package std_logic_arith (pg. 577)
L Package std_logic_signed (pg. 583)
M Package textio (2002 and 2008) (pg. 585)
N Package numeric_std_unsigned (2008) (pg. 589)
O Reserved Words in VHDL 2008 (pg. 593)
Bibliography (pg. 595)
Index (pg. 597)

Volnei A. Pedroni

Volnei A. Pedroni is Professor of Electronics Engineering at Brazil’s Federal University of Technology. He is the author of Circuit Design and Simulation with VHDL (MIT Press).

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